How mPower has helped others.

Introducing Maureen

Maureen was referred to mPower by the Intermediate Care Team. She was feeling socially isolated and was staying within a housing complex with limited friends/family network. Whilst carrying out a well-being plan together the Community Navigator, Maureen identified that she would like to further expand her friendship network.

The Community Navigator mapped what opportunities might interest Maureen locally and gave her the options to choose what she’d like to try. Maureen decided to participate in the Musical Extravaganza that was happening at another local sheltered housing complex (Pan Rock). Maureen felt unsure about attending alone, so the Community Navigator went with her to the first event and helped her to make connections with others. 

At the event, memorable songs were sung over a lunch and there was also a raffle. Maureen came away from the event feeling included in her local community and happy to take part in further events, as this had given her confidence a real boost. So that Maureen could continue to attend events like this independently, the Community Navigator helped Maureen to access the My Bus scheme and has helped her to enrol into a car pool where drivers can pick her up and drop her off for a small charge.

Maureen said that “breaking the ice into new opportunities was most helpful about the mPower programme. mPower helps people to be introduced into sheltered housing social units. This strengthens the social side”. Maureen is now much less isolated which research shows will have a positive outcome to her health and well-being.

Introducing Daphne

Daphne from Wigtownshire, Dumfries and Galloway, is just one of the people who has been helped by the project. She has spoken of the positive impact mPower had on her life – watch her story here:

Daphne was referred to the project earlier this year and after completing a Wellbeing Plan with her local Community Navigator, she agreed to give Florence a try to help her to remember to take her medication. After an initial 6-week trial of Florence, Daphne was successfully taking her medication as prescribed. Daphne increased her independence, something which she has expressed is very important to her

Daphne said “Florence is just a text and it’s like a friend really. It’s definitely there to help you”.

Introducing Molly

Molly was referred to the project by her GP following 22 surgery visits between January and September 2018. At the end of September, the mPower Community Navigator visited Molly and together they completed a Wellbeing Plan and Molly was signposted to a local social club. When she attended, she reconnected with an old friend and enjoyed the social interaction. The Community Navigator also arranged for Molly to receive a personal alarm which is monitored by a local service. This gives her peace of mind that should anything happen, the alarm will be automatically raised and help on the way. So far, Molly has not re-presented at the GP surgery.

Introducing Jean

Jean has mobility issues and until recently had been heavily dependent on family to get around. She was referred to the project by her GP at the end of September 2018. As part of Jean’s Wellbeing Plan, the Community Navigator put her in touch with a local transport service who can accommodate her specific vehicle needs. Jean is now able to use the transport service and decide for herself when she goes out, rather than fitting in with family members schedules. Since she has been getting out more, Jean has discovered a local shop which offers an online shop and delivery service. Being able to manage her own shopping and decide when and where she goes has given Jean an enormous sense of empowerment and independence.

Please note that some names have been changed and some images are for illustrative purposes only