Digital health

Lots of people are using digital tools to improve their health.

There are a range of tools that could be available to you, and your Community Navigator will discuss with you what is most appropriate for your long-term condition and available at the time.

We understand that new technology can sometimes feel daunting, so we support you in learning how to use the tools that are suggested to you.

Below are just some of the tools we work with in and around Ayrshire & Arran – though there might be something else more suitable for you.


A text-based health monitoring tool, which can for example remind you to take your medication or supply health readings to your clinician

This is a tool where you receive daily (or several per day) text messages to your mobile phone from ‘Florence’ to remind you to do something. It is currently being used to help people to remember to take medication or to supply regular health readings or monitoring information such as blood pressure, heart rate or weight information to the person managing the patients care.

Florence Hypertension

A text-based system to provide blood pressure readings

The Florence Hypertension tool allows you to take your blood pressure readings at home and text them into Florence’s server for immediate, automatic analysis and individual healthcare professional review.

My Diabetes My Way

A mobile app designed to help you to self-manage your diabetes

The My Diabetes My Way app is full of information about specific diabetes related health issues and gives you suggestions on how to improve your health, including information about healthy eating and exercise. It also gives you access to your blood results from your appointments which means it’s easier to monitor them over time.

My Lungs My Life

A website designed to help you to self-manage your COPD

My Lungs My Life is a comprehensive, free to use website for anyone living with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

My Lungs My Life will enable you to understand more about your COPD and help you to use self-management effectively as an equal partner with your healthcare professionals.